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Skylight repair and installation is a trade in and of itself. One of the most common calls that our call center receives is the “my skylight is leaking” call or the “I hired them to install my skylight and this went wrong, and now my skylight leaks.”

Repairs and Installation – Who Do You Hire?

Our recommendation for skylight repairs and installations is to hire a repair company that has roofers who also know, and are experienced in, skylight repairs and installations. The reason is that skylights are installed on a roof – more specifically, they are typically installed on a roof curb (the skylight is mounted to the curb), and the roof curb has special flashing designed for around it and/or the skylight, with the roof curb being attached to the roof system. After all that, the roof curb (if required), the skylight flashing, and the roof membrane must all be installed properly so that your home or business does not have a skylight leak or a roof leak. We continually recommend an expert roofer that is also an expert skylight installer to be the best skylight repair and installation technician you can get.

The Cause of Skylight Leaks

Skylight repairs are more difficult at times than our roof membrane repairs – tricky to say the least. The following are some of the causes of skylight leaking which need repair:

  • Leaking due to flashing failure/flat roof membrane repairs.

The skylight flashing installation is typically the cause for a skylight leak. Repairing skylight flashing can be challenging. The skylight flashing may be a special order, or the skylight flashing will likely be apart of the roof membrane. In the case of commercial skylight repair or residential homes with flat roof skylights that are leaking, this can become more of a challenge. If the skylight leak is on a flat roof installed skylight, you may need a certified SBS modified torching roofer to deal with the skylight flashing and the roof membrane, or in the case of TPO, EPDM, PVC, or even tar and gravel roofing scenarios, quite often you will need a specialized roofer and the skylight repair coordinated in one job.

  • Leaking caused by roof membrane failure at penetration.

Roof membranes break down over time. Your skylight may be leaking because your roof membrane was either installed incorrectly or it is simply breaking down from age. Nonetheless, you will need a specialized roofer to repair the roof membrane. The shingles or flat roof membrane will require the right roofer with the right skills for the repair.

  • Leaks caused from failure.

Skylights, like everything else, age and break down. It may be that some caulking repair is required at the skylight, or the flashing needs repair, or the curb has rotted and needs replacing. Typically, if age is the cause of the leaks, with advancements in technology, you are better served replacing your skylight versus repairing it.

  • Leak caused from condensation.

Skylights were not made like they are now say… twenty years ago. New skylight technology deals with most condensation issues and there are less repairs needed as a result. However, not even the best system can stop condensation from affecting it if your attic ventilation is incorrect or something else is causing your house or attic to not vent correctly. Condensation in your attic space, home or business can be complicated to repair. It can be similar to a wiring issue in a car: frustrating.

Choosing a Contractor for your Install or Repair

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High Winds in Southern Alberta Cause Severe Roof Damage

General Roofing Systems Canada provides emergency roof repairs  throughout Canada. Emergency Roof Repairs are completed in the following cities: Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Regina, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Canmore, Banff, Cranbrook, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler, Winnipeg, Toronto and points between. British Columbia. Alberta. Saskatchewan. Manitoba. Ontario.

Today in Calgary, Alberta , wind storms created havoc for all commercial and residential owners. The high winds caused shingles to be blown of rooftops and even entire commercial roofs to be blown completely away. GRS has received several reports of skylights and shingles being torn completely off and thrown into traffic. As a result of the vast amounts of damage surrounding the Calgary area, the GRS crews are at capacity.

Video clip:

News report:

Weather Warnings

As of Sunday November 27, 2011 at 18:30, severe weather warnings for high winds are still in effect for the following areas:

Airdrie, Bow Island, Bow Valley (Provincial Park), Brooks, Calgary, Crowsnest Calgary (Olympic Park), Canmore, Cardston, Claresholm, Cochrane, Drumheller High River Kananaskis (Nakiska Ridgetop) Lethbridge Medicine Hat Milk River Okotoks Onefour Pincher Creek Stavely Strathmore Suffield Sundre Taber Three Hills Vauxhall Waterton Park Willow Creek (Provincial Park).

High Winds Cause Havoc to Roofs and buildings

Industrial Roofing, Sparwood, BC
Emergency repair crews

Downtown Calgary and surrounding areas have had buildings glass shatter causing Calgary Firefighters to scramble in attempt to clear all debris to prevent any injuries happening to citizens.

The amount of damage that this wind storm has caused is impressive. Normally with wind storms the damage is isolated to one city and area, yet this particular storm is spreading its wrath to all of Southern Alberta. The damage that is causing is not isolated to only knocking down trees and power line. We have been receiving various types of reports of damage being caused.

In Airdrie we received reports of a church losing its siding, while in Fort Macleod, a gas station had its entire roof blown away. In Beiseker, grain silos and commercial roofs were being blown completely away.

The same variety of damage has been reported all the way to Lethbridge and surrounding areas. Grass fires have even began to occur due to the intense wind.

At the top of the Calgary Bow tower, the winds were recorded to be at a dangerous 140 km per hour, whereas in other parts of Southern Alberta is has been reported the wind gust are even stronger in areas such as Nanton and its surrounding municipalities.

The 911 call centers have been over loaded with calls relating to roof damage. As a result of this Calgary has engaged the Municipal Emergency Plan.

Steps for Fixing Damaged Roofs When high winds blow shingles, tile, and metal or damage your skylights:

1. Emergency Roof Repair Services. Call a roofing company and get on their emergency service list. In our case, we are asking emergency call ins to continue calling other Calgary Roofing Companies to be sure the soonest available emergency crews can come and assess the damage. At GRS, we are keeping a running list of home-owners and businesses that require emergency roof repair service and we are dealing with the repairs on a first call – first serve basis.

2. In extreme high winds, such as those in Calgary today, for your safety we advise you to stay away from windows and stay indoors. Due to the winds blowing off various forms of sidings, tiles, shingles skylights etc., it is unsafe to be outside with this vast amount of debris being blown around.

3. Roof Insurance: Be sure the roofing company selected to attend the repair of your shingles, commercial roof, metal flashing, or skylight keeps excellent record. You will need accurate photos before and after the roofing repairs. Make sure to ask the emergency roofers to provide you with copies of photos for your roof insurance company. Also, ask the roofing company to quote you for a complete replacement and have photos documenting all damage to your roof or skylights. After the immediate roof repairs are done, you can then address your possible roof insurance claim properly. Commercial properties are more apt to engage their Commercial Insurance Adjusters right at step one.

4. Choosing a Roofing Company: Be sure the roofing company you choose to do the roof repair work has a City Business License, have provincially incorporated roofers, Better Business Bureau registered and able to provide written receipts. Ensure that they take photos of work done for your roof insurance companies records. A quick check of complaints registered at the Better Business Bureau on line can help determine if the company is reliable. If it is a commercial or industrial roof repair, be sure the emergency roofers are qualified specific to the commercial roof system type.

5. After the emergency roof repairs are done, you have will have photos of the roof damage, and will now be dealing with your roof insurance company. Remember that insurance companies will refer you or want you to deal with specific roofers. However, in many instances, you have a choice as to which roofing company actually does the work. High Wind Shingles (Wind Resistant Shingles) Shingle manufacturers do make shingles rated for high winds.

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