Shingle Roof: Coloured Flashings

General Roofing Systems Canada provides coloured flashing installation throughout Canada. Installations are completed in the following cities: Toronto, Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Regina, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Canmore, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler and points between.

Consider a Roof with Coloured Roof Flashings. It Shows Great!

Why not take that extra step and ask your shingle installation contractor to re-roof with coloured roof flashings?

Re-roofing with coloured roof flashings just finishes a shingle installation off right. This is especially important when taking off or doing a roof conversion from Cedar or Pine Shake and then re-roofing to an Asphalt Shingle. The profile of the cedar or pine shake roof is higher than the new shingles – along walls and such the old galvanized step and wall flashing will show poorly. The street appeal is greatly affected. Some roofing contractors will re-roof and install the shingles and leave the old galvanized wall flashing and a gap along the wall to roof connection for the home-owner to deal with, others will paint the wall flashing – but this creates a regular roof maintenance issue. GRS shingle installations include new coloured flashings to these areas to increase street appeal after the re-roofing installation is complete.

The photo in the upper right and the one below it is a recent Calgary Pine Shake to Asphalt Shingle re-roof installation that shows the coloured wall flashing at the roof to wall connection (click on the photo to enlarge).
Also included standard with the GRS re-roofing Specification is gable or rake edge coloured roof edge flashing. Gable edge flashing, especially a coloured gable edge flashing finishes the roof installation nicely and here again shows your home and completed roof installation with great street appeal.
Another area colour can be used in re-roofing is with the roof air vents. Coloured roof air vents are shown in the re-roof installation below.

Coloured flashing is also great to have installed at the roof valleys. If you are re-roofing with closed valleys, galvanized valley is fine (if you are putting metal in your valley underneath the shingles). Coloured metal flashing is standard with GRS Re-Roofing Installation Specifications and shows great from the street also.

The first photo above shows the installation of coloured valley flashing product and the second shows valley flashing installation completed and the wall to roof section still galvanized flashing (good photo for contrast between the two) and installation of the wall flashing still needs to be completed.
Our website includes a section that is actually the shingle re-roofing installers’ installation manual that details our re-roofing how-to and the specifications of re-roofing our installers are held to at this link:

When deciding on your re-roofing Company of choice, refer to our Hiring a Roofing Contractor check list here:

We are proud of our re-roofing Installers and an explaination as to how our re-roofing Installers are different is here:

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And remember, our company has expert re-roofing roofers on call 24 hours, 7 days to answer roofing questions you may have!

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IKO Cambridge Shake to Shingle Conversion in Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia

Taken from our 2011 archives.

General Roofing Systems Canada Provides Shingle Roofing Throughout Canada. Toronto, Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Regina, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Canmore, Banff, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler, and points between.

Below is a report we received from one of our shingle re-roof crews today from Fairmont. 


Shingle to Shake Conversion, IKO Cambridge Dual Black Lifetime Warranty Shingles, High Profile Ridge Cap, Ice & Water to Eaves and Valleys, Roof Edge Coloured Drip Flashing to Eaves and Gable Ends, Coloured Valley installed in roof valleys (Ice & Water to sheathing, then valley metal, then Ice & Water to sides of metal and synthetic underlay run through horizontal to valley), Synthetic Dupont Underlay to roof deck, Ventilation Corrected – vent holes cut and Duroflo Roof Vents installed, Skylight Re-Flashed with Coloured Metal and Ice & Water Underlayment to Skylight Curb.

Field Report, June 21 2011:

The client’s roof was a cedar shake tear-off/conversion about 20 to 25 years old and was already showing major signs of deterioration, most likely because of the area’s humidity. The flashing on the skylight had been improperly installed, causing it to leak on the top and staining the ceiling on the inside. We wrapped it up the curbs with Ice & Water shield and installed new coloured skylight flashing. Since the main house was a vaulted ceiling, the moisture that was coming in would have went right down the drywall and followed it down all the way to the bottom. Also, because of the vaulted ceilings, the insulation was up close to the sheeting and there were no air vents installed. We cut in and installed two air roof vents one two of the roof’s dormers – both of which had less than 100 ft. of air space.

As you can see from the photos below, the finished Cambridge IKO dual-black shingle roof has great architectural style, especially with the high profile shingle cap.

Completed re-shingling in Fairmont, BC
Shingle Crew Packing Up
Yard clean up complete.
100_0702 - Copy
GRS Roof Valley Spec; install ice and water to roof sheathing, then W coloured valley metal, then ice and water to edges of valley metal, then synthetic underlayment (Dupont roof underlay in this instance).
Completed Shake to Shingle Re Roof (Side of home)
Completed Shake to Shingle (back side of home)
100_0703 - Copy
GRS Shingle Re-Roof Specifications at work, it is impossible for this roof to leak.
100_0704 - Copy
Preparation of valley area – ice and water membrane run through valley area to roof deck both ways prior to vertical ice and water installed, then metal, then Ice & Water to sides of metal.
100_0705 - Copy
Another photo of the preparation of the valley area.
100_0709 - Copy
Skylight Membrane. Premium Ice & Water to skylight curb prior to skylight flashing being installed. Note the order of membrane application. Bottom, then sides, then top of skylight curb.
100_0707 - Copy
Skylight Flashing Specifications at its best.
100_0706 - Copy
Premium Ice & Water 44″ to all eaves and valleys.
Skylight flashing completed. Coloured flashing. Good match to the IKO Cambridge Dual Black Architectural Shingle.
High profile ridge cap shingles, colored W valley flashing, coloured Duroflo vents, shingles are not over exposed and good straight lines in installation.
Coloured Valley Flashing matches IKO Shingles well. Chimney flashed to show black flashing to street view.
Architectural shingle. IKO Lifetime Warranty Cambridge Shingle.


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Product Review: Malarkey Shingles

Malarkey Shingles are one of the top rated shingles on the market and tend to be a favorite for our roof installers for projects requiring replacements/ re-roofing. The malarkey shingle line up is considered to be one of the “best bought” as they are the most predictable shingles available for the 2011 roofing season.

Roof Conversions – Shake Roof Replacement

Shake roof replacement / re roofing decisions can be more complicated than shingle to shingle re roof decisions. For shake to shingle conversions of either Cedar shakes or Pine Shakes, the Malarkey Legacy shingle is one of the many options available. Although they are not as thick and they do not have the same shingle texture and profile that other shake to shingle replacement options offer, Such as Shingles from companies like Certainteed, IKO, and GAF.  The Malarkey Legacy shingle is an excellent SBS laminate shingle that demonstrates well in its category of shingle.

Malarkey Shingles

Malarkey Roofing Main Web Site:

Malarkey XL Review

The Malarkey Northwest XL Shingle is a respectable Asphalt Laminate Shingle. It is a 3M Scotchgard Algae Resistant Shingle. LOW SLOPE ROOFING – The Northwest specifications state that it can be installed onto slopes as low as 2:12 if you follow Malarkey underlay specifications for low slope roofing (pending upon your local building codes). The Malarkey Northwest is also a heavy shingle – a 4  bundle shingle that has a high tensile strength. Also, the Malarkey Northwest has the “Zone” technology that really assists with the application as the nailing zone is much larger than other conventional shingles. All in all, GRS installers recommend the Northwest Malarkey shingle when a strong, asphalt, laminate shingle is wanted.


Malarkey Legacy Review

Our overall review of the Malarkey SBS Rubber-Modified Asphalt Laminate Shingle states that it is often preferred by our installers. The SBS Modified Shingle component is an excellent selling feature of this shingle, not to mention the Zone nailing technology and the performance of the Malarkey Legacy.

The Malarkey Legacy shingle also has the 3M Scotchgard Algae Resistance and Malarkey allows Low Slope Roof installation to 2:12 as long as the Malarkey Shingle Installation Specification is followed.

Malarkey Highlander Review

The Highlander series are a asphalt laminate shingle which are considered by Malarkey as their “economical shingle”.  The cost savings of this shingle are the primary reason to not choose the Malarkey Legacy. It is important to note that the Malarkey Legacy is not an expensive shingle – but the Highlander shingle from Malarkey is most definitely a great cost effective choice if cost is the determining factor. The Malarkey Highlander would compete with shingles such as the IKO Cambridge laminate and the BP Harmony laminate shingle.

Malarkey ECOASIS Shingle Reviews – ECOASIS Premium AB Shingle (SBS Modified Shingle) and Malarkey ECOASIS Shingle (Asphalt Shingle):
Due to having never installed the Malarkey Solar Reflective shingle offerings named ECOASIS and ECOASIS Premium, due to the market being primarily based in the US, we are unable to provide an accurate and honest review. However,  GRS has great confidence in Malarkey shingles so we are very confident the ECOASIS shingle series is excellent.
Malarkey 3 Tab Shingle Reviews
In regards to reviewing the Malarkey 3 Tab Shingle offerings, there are not many comments to be mentioned as all the 3 tab products are of excellent quality with no conflicting qualities. We have not had many experiences with the Dura-Seal Malarkey (Fiberglass mat with Asphalt Shingle), yet we can say for certain that the Hurricane SBS Modified 3 Tab and the Malarkey Alaskan SBS Modified 3 Tab shingles are excellent choices.


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Shingle Sale

General Roofing Systems Canada provides shingle Installations throughout Canada. Shingle Installations are completed in the following cities; Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Regina, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Canmore, Banff, Cranbrook, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler, Winnipeg, Toronto and points between. British Columbia. Alberta. Saskatchewan. Manitoba. Ontario.

First Annual GRS Shingle Sale – Beat the Cost of Rising  Prices with GRS’s Shingle Dutch Auction Sale!

General Roofing Systems Canada (GRS) will be holding its First Annual Shingle Dutch Auction Sale starting November 1, 2011. Save Up to 20%. The sale will not end until all roof replacements are sold out!

Along with the rising prices in our supermarkets and gas pumps, we now can see them in our shingles and roofing materials.  2011 brought a number of price increases from our suppliers and we were shocked to see how drastically they increased.

The staff at GRS decided that it is unfair to our customers to make them pay for new market increases, so we have developed a way to assist our customers who are looking for reasonably priced roof replacements. With doing this it not only benefits the customers, but our roofers as well by keeping them busy during slow periods.

Conditions for the Roof Shingle Dutch Auction Sale:

  1. Start Date: The First Annual GRS Dutch Auction Shingle Sale will be posted on November 1st, 2011.
  2. Sale Limitations: this sale will only have 100 shingle roof replacements available
  3. Shingle Sale Countdown: On November 1, 2011 GRS will post the 100 Shingle Replacements that are available and as the replacement orders are received, the counter showing the amount left  will go down until no shingle roof replacements are left. This is sale that you do not want to miss and should plan accordingly. If you wait too long to place your order, you face the possibility of it not being processed due to not having enough time to meet the sale deadline.
  4. Shingle Sale Discounts: the “Dutch Auction” Sale Component. Starting November 1, 2011 the shingle roof replacement discount will begin at 1%, as the days go by, the discount will increase. So by November 19th, you would receive a 19% discount. This sale will continue from the 1st to the 20th or until the shingles are all sold. Which ever event occurs first.
  5. Shingle Sale Estimates: All  sales will be calculated and completed by the way of satellite imaging.  Measurements will be taken by our shingle estimating staff  which will count the initial shingle volume and provide the cost estimate. After a shingles order is received, satellite measurements will be taken of your home, the shingle requirements  will be estimated and the cost established per discount for that day, and your order will then be placed. At some point between your order and your shingle installation date, a roof assessment and inspection will be completed of your roof by one of our  experts. This is to ensure all the measurements taken via satellite are accurate and standard inspection practices were followed. This helps us to ensure our customers achieve 100 % satisfaction with our work. If the measurement on site concludes that more or less shingles are required, your estimate will be adjusted accordingly at the sale price.
  6. Shingle Sale Material Choices – Volume Shingle Purchasing: To be sure we are able to supply 100 homes with shingles in such a short period, while still being able to cut the cost via mass volume purchasing, GRS will only be offering two specific models for  each variation. For the laminate version we are offering a  asphalt type while the other is a SBS modified laminate shingle. There will also be two 3 Tab shingle types – one asphalt and one SBS modified 3 tab shingle. The shingle options will be posted to this blog prior to the sale commencing. All shingle installations will follow our premium, high-end installation specifications which can be found at the following link:
  7. Shingle Sale Installation Dates: All shingles sold under this cost reduction program must be installed by GRS between the dates of Jan 2, 2012 and Mar 30, 2012. Our primary installation season is from May to December each year,  with installing the cost reduced shingles from Jan 2, 2012 to Mar 30, 2012 will keep our  installers busy through the slower time of the year. The shingles will have to be installed on warmer days and are required to follow the guidelines of the permissible temperatures of installation by the manufacturer. If we do not get enough nice days prior to Mar 30, 2012, we will continue installing into April of 2012 to complete the orders.
  8. Shingle Sale Terms of Payment: All shingle roof replacements must be paid in full upon completion of the  installation, There are no deposits required.  A credit card, letter of intent or a post dated cheque will be requested in order to secure the shingle sale order. NO DEPOSITS will be taken from your credit card, as no deposits are required. All cancellations for orders will be honoured at any point up until the point of  installation or the shingles being loaded to the roof of your home. The intent of the  sale is to keep our shingle installers busy during the slower time of the year and to give our customers an opportunity for cost savings on shingles. After the roof is installed,  payments are due in full.
  9. Shingle Sale – Keeping Shingle Prices in Perspective: General Roofing Systems Canada have unusually high specifications that are standard for our roof replacements. Our everyday pricing for shingles will typically cost between 3% – 15% more than our typical competitor. This is due to the cost of material required to perform  shingle roof replacements to our complete specifications.

We are only mentioning this fact to you in order to provide proper clarity and understanding with our materials and Prices. Your quotation that you receive with GRS during this sale, may also be found with another company.

There is no magic way to reduce the price of a shingle installation. A high quality shingle re roof simply costs more. To learn more about our shingle re roofing specifications, call us or follow the links below for more in-depth information on the different ways to install roof shingles and why our roof replacements tend to be more expensive than average prices;

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