Shake Roof Replacement

Creating a Finished Product that Shows Some Pride in Workmanship and Curb Appeal!

General Roofing Systems Canada replaces shake roofs throughout Canada. Our roofing services are available in Toronto, Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Regina, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Canmore, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler and points between.

The photo to above shows a re roof in progress this week of a pine shake roof to asphalt shingle roof in the Riverview area of Calgary, Alberta.

The shingles are an IKO Cambridge Heatherwood Laminate Shingle with High Profile Ridge Capping.

The photo of the pine shake re roof shows a beauty cap flashing detail added at the connection between the new shingle and the wall connection of the home (where a gap occurs when removing shakes from the roof).

A coloured metal flashing to match the exterior scheme of the house (shingle colour, fascia etc) is placed at the wall connection and other areas of the home as galvanized shake metal flashing is now exposed when the pine shakes are removed from the roof – the silver / galvanized metal flashing is more exposed or easier to see from ground level because the profile or height of the pine shake roofing was higher than the new replacement Cambridge asphalt shingles are.

What occurs often in the re roofing trade is that when your roofing contractor replaces your pine shakes or cedar shakes roofing with asphalt shingles; the galvanized flashing now really shows – and shows poorly as it is more exposed than ever before.

When your home was originally built and the pine or cedar shakes were installed, the profile of the shake to wall flashing worked, and in most cases is hard to see – the home builder simply had the siders bring the siding down or the stucco to the profile of the shake roof. But when replacing your shake roofing with asphalt shingles, the step flashing and wall flashing from the original shake roofing now shows.

Your roofing contractor can paint the step and wall flashing to better match the new asphalt shingle roofing profile, but this just means more regular home maintainence painting flashing on the exterior of your home.

General Roofing Systems installs a coloured beauty flashing, or coloured flashing over top of our newly installed step flashing – which may be required.Make sure your roofing contractor (when re roofing from shake roofing to asphalt shingle roofing) reinstates proper step flashing – the flashing from the shake roofing will very likely be bigger than the flashing for asphalt shingle roofing. If your roofing contractor does not replace the flashing or take proper measures as required and install asphalt shingle step flashing, your new roof will likely leak (of course issues arrise if stucco is holding the flashing, but there are ways to resolve the issue).

After the roof shakes are removed from your roof, and the new step flashing is installed with the new asphalt shingles, if the profile (or gap) between the shingles and the stucco or siding is a large – noticeable gap, we often put a beauty flashing on top to make your new roof look like a clean finished product (the coloured flashing covers the gap along the wall). It has great curb appeal and shows some pride in workmanship. The picture above shows the finished product.

Re roofing a shake roof to an asphalt shingle roof has its own challenges and tricks of the trade we’ve learned over the years – hopefully this will assist you when re roofing your home!

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