Shingle Roof: Coloured Flashings

General Roofing Systems Canada provides coloured flashing installation throughout Canada. Installations are completed in the following cities: Toronto, Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Regina, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Canmore, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler and points between.

Consider a Roof with Coloured Roof Flashings. It Shows Great!

Why not take that extra step and ask your shingle installation contractor to re-roof with coloured roof flashings?

Re-roofing with coloured roof flashings just finishes a shingle installation off right. This is especially important when taking off or doing a roof conversion from Cedar or Pine Shake and then re-roofing to an Asphalt Shingle. The profile of the cedar or pine shake roof is higher than the new shingles – along walls and such the old galvanized step and wall flashing will show poorly. The street appeal is greatly affected. Some roofing contractors will re-roof and install the shingles and leave the old galvanized wall flashing and a gap along the wall to roof connection for the home-owner to deal with, others will paint the wall flashing – but this creates a regular roof maintenance issue. GRS shingle installations include new coloured flashings to these areas to increase street appeal after the re-roofing installation is complete.

The photo in the upper right and the one below it is a recent Calgary Pine Shake to Asphalt Shingle re-roof installation that shows the coloured wall flashing at the roof to wall connection (click on the photo to enlarge).
Also included standard with the GRS re-roofing Specification is gable or rake edge coloured roof edge flashing. Gable edge flashing, especially a coloured gable edge flashing finishes the roof installation nicely and here again shows your home and completed roof installation with great street appeal.
Another area colour can be used in re-roofing is with the roof air vents. Coloured roof air vents are shown in the re-roof installation below.

Coloured flashing is also great to have installed at the roof valleys. If you are re-roofing with closed valleys, galvanized valley is fine (if you are putting metal in your valley underneath the shingles). Coloured metal flashing is standard with GRS Re-Roofing Installation Specifications and shows great from the street also.

The first photo above shows the installation of coloured valley flashing product and the second shows valley flashing installation completed and the wall to roof section still galvanized flashing (good photo for contrast between the two) and installation of the wall flashing still needs to be completed.
Our website includes a section that is actually the shingle re-roofing installers’ installation manual that details our re-roofing how-to and the specifications of re-roofing our installers are held to at this link:

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