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Below is an article describing the troubles that can arise with any and all roofing situations should you have with work completed improperly.
We know that every trade has its problems. Poor installations, normal deficiencies that occur, and then unprofessional workers. Unfortunately, the flat roofing trade is no exception to such occurrences.
The new home in this flat roof inspection report completed by our roofers yesterday is a victim of the exact problems mentioned above. The home in the below pictures is quite new and  was architecturally designed. However, the roof was installed poorly (2 Ply SBS Modified Bitumen) resulting in leakage. We suspect this flat roof has been leaking every time it rains or snows since it was first built.
As a result of this poor installation, the homeowners will now have to face extra costs in order to replace it all together.

Initial Inquiry:

We are looking for a replacement quote. needs repairs for torch on flat roof, client requires  the roof replacement completed within 2 weeks. Highest section of house is leaking and flat roof installed incorrectly.  Flat roof seams aren’t sealed.

Field Report, July 27 2011:

The upper smaller flat roof (SBS Modified Bitumen) on this home is completely past the point of return and a roof replacement is required . All the roof membrane seams are lifting and there is no bleed out at the membrane seams. All termination points along perimeter of the flat roof are not torched down properly. All intersections are lifting and there is no slope of roof toward scuppers. The upper roof needs to be replaced completely and should be ripped down to the deck.  It also requires a cricket (slope towards roof scuppers).

The Lower canopy roof (Modified SBS Torch On) over the main entrance of the home is in the same state as the top roof.  The roof is not torched properly, it also slopes down toward house instead of away from.  There is only one roof scupper at the high point of the roof corner which is not draining. The drainage on this roof system is very poor. The lower roof needs another scupper and or a drain in the North corner, this also needs to slope away from the house. I recommend another rip and a full roof replacement to this section also. In order to replace the roof systems we will need to take all cap and detail metal off  as it is tied into the stucco!

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Calgary Flat Roof Collapses on Senior Centre

Flat Roofers Daily

Just when our flat roofers are gearing up to get the season going in Alberta, another dump of snow hits Alberta. Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton and most of the Province. Again, a strange spring for us roofers. We’re a month behind out of the gate on our roofing project calendar, hopefully it’s a long fall 2011 roofing season – some of us will need it to complete our project calendars.

And yesterday, a flat roof collapses in Calgary under the stress of flat roof materials loaded on the roof. It wasn’t one of our roofs, but nonetheless, it’s a sure thing this will cause a lot more inspections on our sites in Alberta this year, especially in Calgary. Which isn’t all bad considering the hazards flat roofers face on a daily basis (not to mention pedestrians, people under the roof etc.)

This particular flat roof collapse is interesting because the residents of the care home were under the roof when it collapsed – in the dining hall, and – NOBODY WAS HURT! “Wow” is all our roofers have been saying all day today when they hear about the roof collapse. What a story.

Interesting timing at GRS, our new Construction Safety Officer starts next week in Calgary and our Calgary Flat Roofers have a series of Flat Roof Safety Meetings next week with Safety Certifications being updated. The week after, our Edmonton Flat Roofers go through the same stringent flat roof safety certifications and meeting with the company CSO.

For more information on the Calgary flat roof;

CTV has a story at this link on the Calgary Flat Roof Collapse

So, we’re all gearing up and hoping the fall of 2011 is long so we can get these flat roofs scheduled for this year in BC, SK, and Alberta.

And don’t forget, if you’re considering replacement of your flat roof this year [ Flat Roof Replacement ] or you need flat roof repair or maintenance [ Flat Roof Repair and Maintenance ], check with your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see how your prospective flat roofing contractor handles complaints [ GRS Better Business Bureau Rating ], consider all your various flat roof system options in detail [ Flat Roofing ], look in to the roofing contractor you are hiring [ Choosing a Roofing Contractor ], ask for previous flat roof projects and client references [ Flat Roof Project Portfolio ] and be sure the flat roofing contractor you hire works safe! You can check their WCB status online and ask them for their written Roof Safety Protocols and Procedures (if the have a CSO on staff this is a good sign).

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