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We have begun posting common roofing questions that we receive to our website, blogs, and on phone lines to assist those researching answers to their roofing problems. We edit out any personal information (denoted by ‘—‘) for obvious confidentiality reasons prior to posting. If you have a roofing question, email us at info@grscanadainc.com and we will do our best to help you with your inquiry.

The inquiry came from a residential flat roof owner from Red Deer, Alberta that is considering preventative flat roof maintenance or flat roof re-roofing, as her flat roof is beginning to show signs of fatigue. Water is pooling or ponding and not vacating through the gutter system. The flat roof’s age is nearing 30 years, which is very near the end-of-life for a tar and gravel system. The flat roof is now very likely beginning to sag.

This particular inquiry is common. During the period that this residential roof was installed, flat systems were popular. Common residence types included revenue properties and duplexes, as well as high-end homes. The architects during that period specified many flat roof homes and many of those systems are now in the process of re-roofing or roof recovery retrofits.

Client Inquiry:

Hello; I presently own a house in Red Deer where the house is presently 25 to 30 yrs old. It has a tar and gravel roof which has given me no problems whatsoever. However, I am looking at preventative measures. The neighbours in the crescent are all starting to re-roof their homes, now I am most likely considering the same.

I found this year that the water is not going into the eaves & it is becoming a concern, so I have decided to look at what could be causing this & the option of putting a roof over the existing one.

Do you re-roof in Red Deer, and if so, could you please come by and give me an estimate & advice? If you do not work in Red Deer, do you know of a reputable company who has experience in this type of roof?

Our Response:

I am the fellow on-call tonight (we run a 24 hour emergency roof repair service) so I thought I may as well respond while I have a few minutes – I’m your Regional Project Manager in Alberta.

To answer your questions:

We do work on roofs in Red Deer regularly. We do not have a physical office in Red Deer but it doesn’t make any difference as our trucks are going from Lethbridge to Calgary to Red Deer to Edmonton and Fort McMurray all the time. We regularly have roofing crews available in and/or through Red Deer.

That makes me wonder if the Calgary to Edmonton corridor will ever get a light rail high speed train system – not likely, but it sure would help me transport our roofers efficiently….

Sorry, yes – we do work in Red Deer and we do re-roof residential flat roofs on homes and we also do flat roof recovery systems as well.
My suspicion is that your tar and gravel flat roof, being that the roof is almost 30 years old, even though it isn’t giving you any trouble now, will be trouble soon. Of course, without a roof inspection and flat roof assessment performed on site, it is impossible to say, but your roofing system “symptoms” (it sounds like the flat roof system is sagging) are typically a precursor to roof system failure of some sort (leaks or even complete failure).

As the flat roof membrane begins to sag over the years water begins to pond and the process of degradation of the roofing layers – tar paper and bitumen occurs relatively quickly from there on. Also, the layers of roofing will typically begin to tear, become brittle from the sagging of the roof and exposure from the UV. Nonetheless, in saying that, there are ways to delay the re-roofing of your flat system or performing a flat roof recovery by exercising roof repair options.

So yes, we should take a look at your roof. Roofers are in “that season” now and roof assessment scheduling is tight. I am thinking I will have an opportunity some time —- as I am between Edmonton and Calgary 3 or 4 times between —– . So I will call you when it looks most feasible and give you ample notice – I am thinking —– will likely work for the inspection.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to call us anytime 877.497.3528 toll free or on my direct line(s).

Thanks for your inquiry and we will see you soon!


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Information Guide for Flat Roof Replacements

Flat Roof Membranes, Flat Roofing Systems, Flat Roof Repairs, Flat Roof Maintenance, Flat Roof Energy Efficiency, Flat Roof Coatings, Flat Roof Replacement.

The time of year has come again when we get a lot of calls about flat roofing. Flat roof repairs, flat roof system choices, flat roof membranes, and how to maintain a flat roof.

We thought it would be convenient for our customers to provide a flat roof link page on flat roofing to give a good launch page for flat roofing and all the options available.

Flat Roofing System and Membrane Manufacturers:

IKO, Soprema, Genflex, Firestone, Mulehide, Carlisle, Siplast

Flat Roof System and Membrane Choices
Details all of the options available for flat roofing including BUR, Tar and Gravel, EPDM, TPO, PVC, Spray On Foam, Emulsions, Roof Coatings, etc.

Flat Roof Coatings
Details all of the options for coating metal and flat roofs including Elastomeric Coatings, EPDM Coatings, Polymers, Mastics, Etc.

Energy Efficient Flat Roofing
Carlisle-Syntec PDF paper on “Energy Efficient Flat Roofing – More Than a Simple Black and White Issue”.

Flat Roof Maintenance and Flat Roof Repairs
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Commercial Flat Roof Replacement
The due diligence process of Commercial Roof Replacement.

Flat Roof Replacement
The process of flat roof replacement.

Consideration Prior to Choosing to Replace Your Flat Roof
Wind uplift considerations, R Values, moisture in the existing flat roof system etc.

Choosing a Flat Roofing Contractor
The due dilligence process of engaging a Flat Roofing Contractor.

We trust our consolidated link listing resource on flat roofing will assist you and save our customers valuable time.

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