EPDM Commercial Roof Recovery System In Edmonton

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Wednesday May 4, 2011: On Location at Edmonton, AB Commercial Re Roofing Project on Jasper Avenue. Commercial EPDM Roof Recovery System.

The photo above shows EPDM up the roof parapet walls, across the top of the parapet, terminating on the front side – giving the roof membrane a monolithic type seal. The metal cap flashing will be installed next and finish this Commercial Roof System in the coming days.

The commercial EPDM membrane installed at this site is a Carlisle EPDM Membrane labelled under the name Mulehide EPDM roof membrane.

The photo to the right shows the ISO flat roof board mechanically fastened prior to the installation of the fully adhered EPDM. The walls (parapet walls) were covered with plywood to comply with the EPDM manufacturer specifications (the parapet walls of this commercial roof are concrete). Prior to installation of the mechanically fastened ISO, the Built Up Roofing System was scraped of the gravel (Tar and Gravel Roofing) and the layers of Built Up Roofing were ripped or removed and disposed of.

The photo above shows the completed commercial EPDM membrane fully adhered to the ISO. The metal cap flashing will be placed next to both protect the parapets and also for curb appeal.

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