EPDM Commercial Roofing Project in Edmonton, May 2011

EPDM Commercial Roofing Job-site Progress

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Field Report, May 2 2011:

Commercial Roofing Project in Progress (EPDM)
Photo shows the crew installing the roof board (mechanically fastened) prior to EPDM being installed and the construction of the roof parapet wall (plywood sheathing).
We promised follow-up pictures of our Commercial Roofing Project on Jasper Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta to assist owners of commercial roof systems to visual the process of a commercial roof re-roofing process (more specifically an EPDM Commercial Roof Recovery System).

The photos in this post show today’s progress on the EPDM Commercial Flat Roof Recovery system.

Material Used:
  • The EPDM is a Carlisle EPDM (labelled under the Mulehide name).
  • The sheathing at the roof parapets is 3/8″ spruce.
  • The ISO board is a standard IKO 1″ ISO mechanically fastened.


Commercial Roofing - EPDM
ISO insulation is mechanically fastened prior to fully adhered EPDM installation.
The old Built-Up Roofing (BUR) system had the gravel removed, was skinned (ripped) to the fiber board, a 1″ ISO insulation board mechanically fastened, any wet insulation removed, and the commercial roof parapets had the metal removed as required. Sheathing installed to the parapets and along any roof penetrations, upstands, etc. as the EPDM cannot be adhered to the metal flashing around the skylights, or to anything with asphalt present.
For commercial re-roofing, this EPDM roof recovery system is used often and in many instances is an excellent alternative to a complete removal of a BUR roof system when doing a commercial re-roof. The idea of taking an old built-up tar and gravel roof completely out and throwing it in the landfill not only costs needless money, it is harmful to the environment, and a roof recovery has the same life-cycle as a complete commercial roof replacement.


Commercial Roofing, EPDM, Roof Parapet Construction
General Roofing Systems Canada (GRS) worker installing plywood sheathing at the roof parapet walls.


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