Calgary Hail Hits Again

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Calgary, the Capital of Hail Damaged Roofs, has been hit Again! On July 12, 2010 Calgary set an all-time record for insurance claims, totalling approximately 400 million dollars’ worth of damage. That particular hail storm has kept re-roofing contractors busy with roof insurance claims from the Calgary area ever since.

Now one year later the hail chasers are celebrating yet again as hail has hit Calgary more than a few times since the beginning of summer.

One question that comes to mind is whether or not Calgary is running the cloud seeding program? Surely after last year’s damage and the high insurance claims, the city would try to prevent a repeat.

On Aug 5, 2011 Hail, Wind, and Rain caused havoc with Calgary residents and was even the cause of an unfortunate death when a storm sewer filled and a man drowned.

On Aug 5, 2011 Mother Nature let loose her fury by pummeling Calgary yet again with Hail, Wind, and Rain. This brutal storm also became the cause of an unfortunate death when a storm sewer filled with water and a man drowned.

A Permanent Solution to the Cost of Insurance for Hail Damaged Roofs in Calgary? We at GRS believe that we have found a permanent solution to stop the insurance companies from having to dole out nearly half a billion dollars for one hail storm, in one city. We believe our solution would actually benefit more than just the insurance companies, it would also make homeowners happy due to home insurance premiums going down! The only group in this equation that may not be all that happy about our hail reduction program idea are ROOFERS 🙂

Look, it’s simple. Don’t install shingles on any homes in Calgary and you won’t have hail damaged roofs, and no hail damaged roofs equals no insurance needed for re-roofing. So if you do not install Shingles on houses, what would you use? What are the Hail Proof Roofing Products? When it comes to finding materials that are hail proof, unfortunately there aren’t many. Metal roofing is hail resistant and so are metal panels yet it is all dependent on the quality, as it will resist hail to varying degrees. A heavy gauge stone coated steel shingle roof will likely never receive a hail dent, but the granules sprayed to the outside of the steel would likely vaporize at a certain point. Remember…. Calgary gets dinosaur sized hail! Rubber tile roofs, they should hold up to almost any size of hail, but a good quality rubber tile roof can be quite expensive. I saw a quote earlier this year from a Calgary roofer (a client showed me), and it was for 6.90 cents per square foot. The truth is, when going with rubber tile and all the underlayment and flashings etc this would be the minimal price you would expect to pay.

A properly installed rubber tile roof will cost upwards 9 – 15 per square foot (depending on a multitude of factors). Concrete tile will give in to hail at a certain point, shingles no matter how thick will give, metal and steel depends on gauge and quality, and rubber tile will likely hold up to hail. So what’s the answer? We say liquid rubber will stand up to hail. Liquid rubber roofing is bullet proof (almost, let’s not get too literal). We’re installing liquid rubber to tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of square feet weekly. It is being installed on both industrial and commercial roof systems. Hail will just bounces right off. The only problem is that your roof looks like the tires on your car or truck, kind off a dull black…. although if you would like, you can paint it with an elastomeric designer paint, and shade the paint to your liking. And if you do not just want a boring colour and would like to stand out or possibly show case your favorite sports team, we would be able to paint there logo on it as well.

Well, it was a hail of a day in Calgary, so we thought we’d tell you all about our solution for the costs of hail damaged roofs. Perhaps someone with all the power to make change will take us up on the idea? And if not, off we go replacing more hail damaged roofs in Calgary for another few years at least. And the cloud seeding planes stay employed too.

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