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Roof Repair Field Report
Date: July 23, 2011
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Roof Type: Shingles, Sloped, Residential
Problem: Chimney Leaking from Roof Top

 Roof Repair – Technician Report “How to Repair Roof Leak from Chimney”

A client of GRS was experiencing a leak in there roof and requested a full repair. Upon observing the roof and the chimney, our technician determined that the cause of the leak was isolated to the chimney area.

Our technicians replaced the chimney back pan that another company had serviced over a year ago. Despite having been serviced not long ago, the client was still experiencing leaks.

For this particular roof we were able to complete the following repairs: remove shingles from the area around the chimney, remove the siding from the chimney, remove the old metal roof back-pan at the back of the chimney, install a premium roof underlay (ice & water shield) on both sides if the chimney onto the top step flash and on the front – running the ice and water roof underlay up the chimney approx 8″. Installed the new chimney back pan, replaced shingles and siding.

Roof Repair Pictures “How to Repair Roof Leak from Chimney”

How to Repair Roof
Damaged chimney
Roof Repair How to
Roof Underlay installed around chimney area.
Roof Repair Roof Leak
Metal Flashing – Chimney Backpan installed after underlay.
Roof Repair, Chminey Leak
Roof Underlay (Premium Ice and Water” to back of Chimney
Roof Shingle Chimney Repair
Ready for siding to be re-installed on chimney after
Roofing Repairs, Chimney Leaks
Roof Repair Completed, Chimney area no longer leaks.


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