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Below you will find an article consisting of roof replacement options for both shingled roofs and low-slope systems. When considering a shingle roof replacement in Western Canada there are a number of different considerations to make – hopefully this list will help you!


3 Tab Shingles
3 Tab Shingles are the traditional looking shingle. The traditional 3 tab shingles now typically have 25 or 30 year warranties. There are, however, laminate shingles now that look like a 3 Tab shingle, and there are designer 3 Tab shingles that are a laminate. The latter are designed for an Estate Home look like the IKO Royal Estate.

Laminate Shingles (Designer Shingles, Luxury Shingles, Textured Shingles)
Laminate shingles have become the standard. The older 3 tab style is no longer on these shingles typically and the laminates may be double or triple layer laminates of asphalt and fiberglass shingle material. One of the heavier laminates we like to use is the Certainteed Presidential TL.

Asphalt Shingles
An Asphalt Shingle is a type of shingle. Asphalt Shingles is a term for what the shingles are made from. Traditionally shingles were mostly made from waste paper saturated with asphalt. On the top of the shingle is an adhesive asphalt with ceramic granules. Nowadays there are asphalt shingles, asphalt mixed with other products, and asphalt modifiers in shingles.

Fiberglass Shingles
Here again, fiberglass shingle is a term for what material the shingle is made from. Fiberglass shingles typically have a base layer mat of fiberglass.

SBS Modified Shingles (Rubber Shingles)
Here again, SBS modified shingle is a term for what material the shingle is made from. The SBS modified shingle in our opinion is the best shingle you can buy, and is better for weathering and impact resistance. One of our favourite SBS modified shingles is the Malarkey Legacy Shingle. Malarkey has taken great strides in excellence with the Legacy shingle.

High Profile Ridge Cap Shingles
High profile capping is a standard upgrade in modern shingle technology. It gives your roof a high profile look at the roof ridge and roof hips as the capping shingles have a textured high profile. If you are doing a shake roof replacement the high profile ridge cap is essential.

One of our favourite Ridge Cap Shingles is the GAF RidGlass – SBS Modified High Profile Ridge Cap.
GAF RidGlass High Profile Cap

Algae Resistant Shingles
Algae resistant shingle granules contain a coating of leechable copper ceramically coated.

Roof Replacement, Roof Shingle Products and Manufacturers

Malarkey Roof Shingles

IKO Roof Shingles

Certainteed Roof Shingles

Owens Corning Roof Shingles

GAF Roof Shingles


Building Code for Low Slope Roofing
Before you listen to anyone that says you can install xyz shingles on a low slope roof, be sure to check your local building code. Typically anything less than 3/12 pitch is not allowed. However, we strongly suggest looking at not putting shingles on anything less than a 4/12 pitch roof unless you really take precautions and that requires the right low slope roofer.

Shingle Manufacturer Specifications for Low Slope Roofing
Shingle manufacturers have specifications for what they will allow for low slope shingle applications. In some instances the warranty is affected or void. Be sure to look up the shingle manufacturer spec first, before purchasing the shingles. Sometimes the shingle manufacturer will ask for 2 ply felt, or ice and water membrane on the whole roof, etc. Malarkey shingles is one of our favorites to use for low – slope.

Low Slope Roof Valley Applications
We close valleys if the roof is 3/12 slope or less. For 4/12 slope or more, we encourage open valleys (with a specific way of installing the valleys of course).

See our Homeowner Guide to Roof Replacement – How to Shingle a Roof.

Roof Underlay for Low Slope Roofing
Usually, if a low slope roof application is allowed by local building code and the shingle manufacturer states that you can install their shingles on a low slope, then either 2 ply’s of tar paper will be required or a complete ice and water membrane (peel and stick) will be required.

Alternative Membranes for Low Slope Roofing (Flat Roof Membrane Options)
When the slope is so low that you will have constant aggravations after the roof replacement is complete, it is better to consider a roof membrane designed for low slope roofing. TPO, PVC, EPDM, or a MODIFIED BITUMEN are all sound choices.

Visit Low Slope / Flat Roof Section of our Website.


Typically, shingle colours are more limited on the lower end and on the higher end of the shingle line. When you are considering a roof replacement this is an important place to park for a few minutes. The mid line shingles like an IKO Cambridge has many options as those shingles are used in more roof replacements than, say, high-end Presidential TL.


If your roof replacement is from a shake roof to a shingle roof or you just simply want the textured shake look to your shingles, there are more and more shake appearance shingles available every year.

The Presidential TL is a great example; the Owens Corning Woodcrest Collection, Certainteed Landmark, IKO ArmourShake, and the Malarkey Legacy shingles are also quality examples.


Most shingle manufacturers now have Limited Lifetime Warranties on most of their shingles and on the front end the shingles will typically have a “no grief” warranty period of 10 years, or, in the case of IKO the warranty on the front end is 15 years.


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