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Below you will find a field report from our 2011 archives for a residential shingle repair in Calgary, Alberta. Our report outlines the complications which can arise with respect to discontinued T-Lock shingles.

The challenge with repairing T-Lock shingles is that they are discontinued, so many homeowners are experiencing an unfortunately challenge. Many simply need a shingle repair, even if their system isn’t that old but had used T-Locks. Here is an example field report from the roof repair technicians repairing shingles this weekend from Calgary, AB.

Field Report, June 18 2011:

A and J attended; the roof is about five years old and in good condition (IKO interlock dual black). There was a puncture in the center of a valley. We spoke with the homeowner and told him the material used on his roof was discontinued, but he wanted us to find out if there was any chance of us getting it anywhere in Calgary. I phoned several places with no luck, but there was one location in the northeast quadrant of the city that informed me they had four to five pallets of interlock sitting in their yard. ¬†We took a drive up to the shop and found they had some earthtone cedar (IKO), with the rest being BP. Unfortunately, this did not match the style on our client’s roof.

Returning to the job site, we used putty knives to break the tar seal on the valley metal and carefully removed and reused the existing shingles. When we removed the old piece of valley metal, we found they had nailed it right in the center at the tops, allowing water to penetrate the vapour barrier. We were able to complete the repair without destroying any shingles.

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