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Cedar shake roofing is a serious investment and many homeowners don’t actually know what they are purchasing. Being that most roofers don’t know either, it isn’t a surprise. However, cedar shake is costly, so you should have a general idea of what you are purchasing first.

Cedar shake or shingle material is varied and is a “sub-category” trade on its own within the roofing trade. Our cedar shake roofers (or shakers, as we call them) have been installing shake for decades – and even they don’t know all that there is to know.

For simplicity, we will illustrate a customer interaction over email reference questions and answers from our offices.

This should assist you with the cost of “shaking”, things to watch for when hiring a shaker, general knowledge, alternate systems, lookalike materials, etc.

As a note of reference: in areas like Kelowna, West Vancouver, Whistler, Squamish, BC etc we get Cedar Shake Roofing inquiries regularly and are quite standard Cedar Shake questions. However, in Alberta – Calgary and Edmonton especially – we field a lot of questions about Pine Shake Roofing (if you don’t know the Pine Shake story in Alberta it is actually an interesting read – but we won’t go into it here).

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Subject: cedar shake quote
Date: Tue, May 03, 2011 4:15 pm
To: edmonton@grscanadainc.com
We are looking at relocating to ________, Alberta and have a house in mind that needs new shakes. I was wondering if it would be possible to get a ballpark estimate on cost to have this done. Seeing that the shakes need replacing, we would like to use this as a bargaining tool when negotiating a price. Therefore, I would like to avoid having someone go to the location and do up an actual estimate. I have attached a picture of the house for reference. The square footage of the house is 1760 however I do not know the pitch of the roof. We would like to go with cedar shakes. The house was built in 1994 and I am wondering why the shakes are in the condition they are. Perhaps they are pine or not installed properly. Its my understanding that cedar shakes should last at least 50 years is this correct?

Thank you for your help.

GRS Response:

With reference to your request for more information about Cedar Shake, Pine Shakes, and Cedar Shake Estimating and Quotes:

A few questions:
1. You say the house needs new shakes, how do you know a new shake roof is required?
2. It is difficult to say from the photo of the house as it isn’t a close-up, but I would venture to guess that it is a Pine Shake Roof. Can you provide close-up photos of the shakes?
To answer your questions:
How much does it cost to roof your home in Cedar Shake or Cedar Shingles?
Cedar shake roofing costs are approximately;
a. Taper Sawn Cedar Shakes No. 1 Regular Grade Shakes cost around 8.00 + per square foot installed.
(Re roofing tear and disposal costs would be extra, other considerations such as roof pitch, access, and roof details are important)
b. Cedar Shingles No.1 Perfections cost around 11.00 + per square foot installed.
(Re roofing tear and disposal costs would be extra, other considerations such as roof pitch, access, and roof details are important).
There are many grades of cedar shakes and shingles so you need to know a bit about the cedar products to make an informed decision prior to re-roofing with cedar shakes.
For example, cedar shakes can be taper resawn cedar shakes, medium resawn cedar shakes, or heavy resawn cedar shakes, or jumbo heavy resawn cedar shakes and regular grade, premium grade, No. 1 grade or No. 2 grade red label or no label cedar shake or shingles, CCA treated cedar shingles, blue label shakes or cedar shingles, etc.
You can visit the Clark Group Website for more information on Cedar Shake and Cedar Shingle http://www.clarkegroup.com/ which includes Black Hawk, Green River, Scott Cedar, and Cedar Plus.

We encourage homeowners to look also to other roofing products that give you the “shake roof look” and the “shake roof texture” but will last much longer than a cedar shake or cedar shingle roof, have excellent warranties on their shake roof look alike products, and cost very similar to “real” cedar shake roofing.

Roofing Alternatives – “Shake-looking” Products

Asphalt Shingles and Fiberglass Shingles for a “Cedar Shake or high end Look” you can look at Roofing Products such as:
Certainteed Landmark TL, Certainteed Presidential TL Ultimate, GAF Elk Grande Prestique, Certainteed Presidential Shake, GAF ELK Grand Sequioa, GAF ELK Grand Canyon, GAF ELK Country Mansion, GAF ELK Camelot, Certainteed Carriage House or Grand Manor, IKo Armourshake, etc.

Lightweight Concrete or Clay Tiles “Cedar Shake or high end Look” you can look at Roofing Products such as:
US Tile Pro Shake (replica of hand split cedar shakes) or the Monier Lifetile CedarLite (replica of hand split cedar shakes).

Standard Weight Concrete or Clay Tiles “Cedar Shake or high end Look” you can look at Roofing Products such as; (you will need engineering approval for roof weight load and structural considerations)

Monier Life Tile Madera (hand split shake tile replica), Monier Life Tile Shake Tile (cedar shake roofing look), Monier Life Tile Split Slate (Slate roofing replica), Eagle Ponderosa (Cedar Shake Roof Appearance).

Light Wieght Composite Shake Looking Tiles, Rubber Shake Tiles, Metal Shingles, Granulated Steel Shingles:
Davinci Roofscaped makes a shake looking composite tile “Davinci Shakes”, RoofRoc synthetic shakes make shakes that look like straight split thick old wood roofing shakes, Enviroshake is a recycled rubber shake looking product, Edco Arrowline Shakes are Metal Shingle cedar shake look alikes, Allmet lightwieght steel tiles, and Metro Roof “Metro Shake” Granule Coated Steel Shingles are available.

How long will a cedar shake or shingle roof last?

That is a difficult question, as there are many different types of shakes and shingles (as noted above), and quality variances are extreme. You really can’t ever be sure of what you are getting with true cedar shake roofing. Typically, the lifespan is approximately 20 to 40 years, and some last much longer. Cedar variances, installation, underlayment, grade, thickness, etc. all play a part. As always, the quality of the material and roof installation itself are key.

I hope that helps some! Thanks for your shake roofing inquiry.

< End Correspondence >

I hope the customer inquiry above helps you with the basics of shake roofing and alternatives to shake roofing. For more information on Cedar Shake Roofing or to come out and view one of our shake roof work sites let us know. We will be installing cedar shake this year in Whistler, West Vancouver, Vancouver, The Southern Gulf Islands, Edmonton, Calgary, and other areas of Western Canada.

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