Roofing in Western Canada Has Been Unusual This Spring

Our roofers in Calgary, AB were yesterday enjoying the spring weather and getting back to work before a large wind storm arrived. The storm literally blew roofs off houses – just when our Calgary roofers thought spring roofing season was here. There are roofs damaged all over the city – shingles were flying everywhere yesterday.

The Calgary Herald ran a story this morning:

And then, just when our Alberta roofers thought their roofing projects would gear up full steam (I know our Project Management had every roof project perfectly laid out and scheduled with the roofers booked), mother nature sends the roofers one last spring surprise. 10 – 15 cm of snow are expected in Calgary, Red Deer, Leduc, Edmonton and other areas of Alberta over the next 48 hours – once again the roofing projects will grind to a halt and then start again for a few days before the spring rains come – a roofer’s life. The Saskatchewan roofers look to be in the best shape to get roofs done over the next week as the Vancouver area roofer’s will be dealing with 10-15 mm of rain a day over the next few days.

The season will get under way for our roofers soon and when it does I suppose we will just have to get more done with about one month now missing from our roofing project calendar for 2011.

Which brings this roofing weather blog to one last point, or a tip for those considering a re roof on their home this spring.

Storm Nailing Shingles and Ice & Water Roof Underlayment

When you hire your roofing contractor to re roof your house this spring, be sure the roofers storm nail the shingles. Every roof should be storm nailed, because you just never know when the storms will come as evidenced in Calgary yesterday. And a high quality roofing underlayment will go a long ways when your shingles fail to protect your home and keep the water out.

Our website has an informative section on residential shingle re roofing at the following link:

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