IKO Shingle Reviews

General Roofing Systems Canada installs IKO Shingles throughout Canada. IKO Shingle Installations are completed in the following cities; Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Regina, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Canmore, Banff, Cranbrook, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler, Winnipeg, Toronto and points between. British Columbia. Alberta. Saskatchewan. Manitoba. Ontario.

Service. An advantage that GRS has in Western Canada for shingle installations are the markets we service. In Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Regina, IKO shingles remain well stocked and distribution is highly efficient. This is a key value for us in servicing our customers.

Due to the competent distribution, local support, and the exclusive IKO 15 Year ironclad portion of the Warranty Coverage that’s offered with the IKO Shingles, our crews would rate these shingles with a moderately high rating.

Quality. With respect to the quality of IKO shingles, the IKO line has a moderately high rating. Their line also exhibits a high level of diversity across specific use cases. Some examples are: High Wind Rated Shingles, Shake Looking Shingles, Luxury Shingles, Algae Resistant Shingles, Energy Efficient Shingles, Low Slope Shingles.

Colors/Profiles/Textures. Most IKO shingles are 100_0710available in a variety of colours. This happens to be a large selling feature with this brand. IKO shingles come in a neat and clean wrapper that is a result of the brand’s consistency with their manufacturing process. This is an important feature for this type of product as shingles need to be installed properly with the correct sizing. Should a shingle be misshapen due to a packaging error, this would affect the overall quality  of function for the shingle itself.

Shingle size consistency becomes really important if a DIY  Installation is being completed. You do not want to learn or attempt to do a shingle project by yourself with shingles that don’t fit together properly.

The textures of the  shingles, or the “Shake Look”, may or may not not suit a high end shingle purchaser. As soon as you get into the Luxury Shingles or shingles that cost the same as tile, then we would advise you to choose an alternative type. The top end of the shingle prices  becomes more of a process of comparisons amongst the selections and ultimately choosing what you prefer.

Here are our reviews broken down by specific IKO offerings. You can click the subheadings to open a new window for each product. Warranty coverage may also be found by following these links.

Marathon Ultra AR 
Our crews regularly use this type as it is an economical 3 tab shingle that installs well and holds up well to the elements. Installation of 3 tab shingles take more skill in some respect. If you attempt to do this on your own, please search our blog for shingle installation guides.

IKO Cambridge shingles are another standard type for our installers. They are consistent with being one of the top performers in their class. The IKO Cambridge shingle is a mid to mid-high grade shingle that is perfect for standard installations. They are readily available and  available in a wide variety of colors. Cambridge shingles are made of  laminate, they are considered to be a designer shingle, and are covered under the IKO Limited lifetime warranty.

Royal Estate
We install IKO Royal Estate Shingles typically only on estate homes. The Royal Estate shingle is an excellent looking laminate shingle that has a traditional estate look. The Royal Estate shingle stacks up to any high end shingle offering on the market with the same slate look for a fraction of the price.

Grandeur (Discontinued)
IKO Grandeur Shingles are one IKO’s SBS Modified high quality shingle selection. This selection is considered to be one of the best due to  The technology used for the asphalt. If you need to install shingles in cold weather , the IKO Grandeur Shingle would be a wise choice on account of it easy installations despite mother natures elements. The only down-sides to theGrandeur IKO Shingles is the high cost and limited color selection, otherwise they are a great shingles and considered one of the best on the market in BC, Alberta and  Saskatchewan for 2011.

The IKO Armourshake Shingle is often over-looked by homeowners. However we really enjoy installing this particular type of  shingle. It is a high end shingle selection from IKO that stands up well against the competition. It has an original design that is often a high interest point with our customers as it adds a unique and elegant finish to your roof.

Now we would like to advise home owners to be aware of selecting high end shingles, as they are often unaware that they contain designs. So when you are completing your roofing project and have selected this particular shingle , you will need to take into account the design for the overall finished look. our specialists at GRS will  always suggest home owners to go with a rep and view different roof lines to get a better sense for the over all designs that are available.

Overall the IKO Armourshake is a great choice if you are aiming for a higher end shingle that has more of a textured pattern to it. the shingles themselves are more costly yet offer a great selection of colors.

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Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Regina, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Canmore, Banff, Cranbrook, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler, Winnipeg, Toronto and points between. British Columbia. Alberta. Saskatchewan. Manitoba. Ontario.

Certainteed Landmark Roof Shingles

General Roofing Systems Canada provides shingle installations throughout Canada. Shingle Installations are completed in the following cities; Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Regina, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Canmore, Banff, Cranbrook, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler, Winnipeg, Toronto and points between. British Columbia. Alberta. Saskatchewan. Manitoba. Ontario

A Review of Certainteed Landmark Shingle from the Installers in the Field 

Certainteed Landmark Shingles

After installations using the CertainTeed Landmarks shingle are complete we receive reports from our installers about the use of the product. Based on the reports received from our crews, the CertainTeed Landmark shingles have a high satisfaction rate. Along with the exceptional reviews from our installers, the Certaineed landmark shingles also have a high rating in the marketplace.

Certainteed Landmark Shingles have the wide-track nailing line that is 1 1/2″. They are impact resistant and possess a UL 2218 Class 4 rating and the have the patented Tri-Laminate that gives the shingle a thick shake look, or a shake like appearance. If you are considering a shingle that has a great shake look – the Certainteed Landmark TL is a great choice.

For other great shingle products that have been reviewed  by our installers, simply type “shingle review” in the search box provided at the top right portion of this roofing blog.

About the CertainTeed Landmark Shingle

Certainteed Landmark Shingle
Certainteed Landmark Shingle





Certainteed Landmark Asphalt Shingle Warranty http://www.certainteed.com/resources/GeneralAsphaltShinglesWarrantyEnglish.pdf

Certainteed Landmark Designer Shingle Brochure http://www.certainteed.com/resources/LandmarkSeriesBrochNorthwest.pdf

Certainteed Landmark Designer Shingle – Web Page http://www.certainteed.com/products/roofing/residential/designer/308747

Certainteed Landmark Premium Shingle – Brochure http://www.certainteed.com/resources/LandmarkSeriesBrochNorthwest.pdf

Certainteed Landmark Premium Shingle – Web Page http://www.certainteed.com/products/roofing/residential/premium-designer/308926

Certainteed Landmark TL Shingle Brochure – Shake Roof Shingle Look 

Certainteed Landmark TL – Shake Shingle, Luxury Shingle, Triple Laminate Shingle – Web Page http://www.certainteed.com/products/roofing/residential/luxury/308956

Certainteed Landmark Shingle Pictures – Online Photo Gallery of Landmark Shingles http://www.certainteed.com/idea-center/gallery/roofing

Certainteed Landmark Shingle – How to Install Roof Shingles.

How to Install Shingles – General Roofing Systems Canada Shingle Installation Guide https://www.grscanadainc.com/Roof_Replacement_Home_Guide.html      

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Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lloydminster, Canmore, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Vancouver, Whistler, Cranbrook, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto and all points between. British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario.


BP Shingle Review

General Roofing Systems Canada installs BP Corning shingles throughout Canada. Owens Corning shingles installed in Toronto, Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Regina, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Canmore, Banff, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler, and points between.

BP Shingle Review – 2015 Update

Just a quick update from the project management desk at General Roofing Systems Canada (GRS).

Recently BP released a new line of shingles called the Mystique 42 (previously the BP Harmony shingle). Initial reports from our installers is that this shingle will likely compete right along with the Malarkey Legacy shingle. We will report more as we install more on roofs in Canada this year.

More on the BP Mystique 42 (Harmony) shingle from BP Website:

“This breakthrough, hurricane-resistant protection features two sealant bands that lock out water and wind driven rain to guarantee your peace of mind.

Mystique 42 is a 42 inch Laminate asphalt shingle made from a fibreglass mat and surfaced with mineral granules. Mystique 42 is covered by a Lifetime Warranty. Its standard wind Warranty covers up to 180 km/hr (110 mph) and its High Wind Warranty covers up to 220 km/hr (135 mph) as per special application instructions.”

BP Shingles 2011 – Our Review in General of the BP Shingle Line

BP Shingles, a division of Building Products Corp, is a major shingle manufacturer in Canada. In Canada, the representation at the retail store level and the shingle supplier level is excellent. I believe both Home Depot Shingle Depart and the Rona Stores carry them. Their distribution across Canada is excellent.

The quality of the BP Shingle would be similar to the IKO Shingle. The manufacturing process of the two shingles are different at BP than IKO, so this isn’t necessarily “technically true”, but the two shingle companies do focus on the same segment of shingle purchaser. BP shingles tend to focus on the low price, mid price, and mid to high priced shingles – like IKO.

In summary, our installers like to install the BP shingles, GRS as a company installs BP Shingles regularly, and have very few problems (if any difficulty it is with shingles butting up perfectly which is no big deal). BP Shingles are very well represented, and the shingle choices, colors, and textures in the BP Shingle Line are varied. BP Shingles are an excellent choice for most home-owners.

Designer Shingles

Asphalt Shingle Residential Roofing Main Web Page

BP Eclipse GL Shingle – Top Ranked – Shake Look Shingle – Heavy Weight – Double Layer – Laminate Shingle – Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our Review of the Eclipse GL Shingle
The BP Eclipse GL is a moderately high end, premium shingle. It is heavyweight and the Eclipse GL Shingle does have pleasant street appeal. The BP Yukon SB Shingle or the BP Meridian 3D Shingle must accompany the BP Eclipse GL Shingle for the shingle cap. One advantage the Eclipse GL has is that for a mid high premium shingle it is available in seven colours. The Eclipse does offer a “Shake Like Look” but does not compete with other shingle offerings at the top end of the shingle market. In terms of quality and value for the price – hands down, the BP Eclipse GL is a great value for the money paid.

BP Everest Shingles – Double Layer Shingle – Laminate Shingle – Asphalt Shingle – Limited Lifetime Warranty Shingle – Weather-Tite Technology

BP Mystique Shingles

Our Review of the BP Everest Shingles and the BP Mystique (economy version of the BP Everest Shingle)
The Everest Shingle and the Mystique Shingles are the mid road shingle that applies to the largest portion of the shingle purchasing market. These shingles compete with the likes of the IKO Cambridge. Our installers really enjoy installing the Everest Shingles and due to the minor difference in pricing of shingles we can’t say we’ve had opportunity to install the BP Mystique. We can only assume it performs well, as the Everest Shingle does, it is just a lighter weight shingle that doesn’t appear to have the wide nailing zone the BP Everest Shingles have, and is a less costly shingle offering.

BP Shingles – BP Manoir Shingle – Fiberglass Laminate Shingle – 3 Tab – Random Pattern 3 Tab Shingle – Limited Lifetime Warranty Shingle – Weather-Tight Technology


Our Review of the BP Monoir Shingle

The BP Monoir Shingle is a favorite of the shingle installers at General Roofing Systems Canada – we can’t say enough about the advantages the BP Monoir has relative to other shingles in its class. The BP Monoir Shingle has some excellent value added features and a reasonable price. Here again, the Yukon SB Shingle or the Meridian 3D cap shingle must be used in conjunction with the BP Monoir Shingle.

The BP Monoir Shingle offers;

  • Random Pattern 3 Tab Shingle Design for street appeal that most 3 tab shingles don’t offer.
  • 3 Tab Dimensional Shingle look for a great textured looking 3 tab shingle.

  • Weather-Tight Technology is a great feature for high wind, rainy areas that cause typical shingles to leak.

  • The exposed part of the Monoir Shingle is twice the size of a regular shingle so it presents what shingle installers refer to “excellent shingle exposure or shingle coverage”.

  • The Monoir Shingle is an excellent value considering the cost of the shingle and performance.

Our Review of the Traditional 3 Tab Shingles from BP
All the 3-Tab shingle offerings are sound, dependable, predictable, and standard for the most part.

BP Dakota Shingle – Standard 3 Tab Shingle
The BP 3 Tab Dakota Shingle http://www.bpcan.com/en-CA/products/residential-roofing/asphalt-roofing-shigles/classic-collection/dakota-east-/ is the lower cost 25 year 3 Tab BP Shingle.

BP Mirage GS Shingle – Dimensional 3 Tab Shingle
The 30 year BP Mirage GS Shingle is a 3 tab shingle but it is a 3 tab dimensional shingle and shows quite well  http://www.bpcan.com/en-CA/products/residential-roofing/asphalt-roofing-shigles/classic-collection/mirage-gs-east-only-/.

BP Yukon SB Shingle – Fiberglass Heavy Weight 3 Tab Shingle
The Yukon BP Shingle is what we install most of when it comes to ordering BP 3 Tab Shingles. The BP Yukon is one of the best shingles you can buy in its class of shingles. It has a great dimensional look for a 3 tab, it is priced right, the color selection for the Yukon shingle is terrific, and it is a rugged shingle with a 30 year warranty.

Other BP Shingle Documents

BP Shingle Flyers and Brochures, Shingle Warranties

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Low Slope Roofing- Choosing the Right Flat Roof Membrane

General Roofing Systems Canada provides low slope installations throughout Canada. Low slope installations are completed in the following cities; Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Regina, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Canmore, Banff, Cranbrook, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler, Winnipeg, Toronto and points between. British Columbia. Alberta. Saskatchewan. Manitoba. Ontario

The inquiry below came in to our call center today, we thought it best to post it as an article to our blog to assist others who have questions regarding Low Slope Roof Membranes.

The email conversation below contains standard questions and answers that our clients have when choosing the correct “low slope roofing” or “flat roof membranes”.

The following items are a listing of the topics covered amongst the email; low slope roof life cycle costs, choosing the right roofing contractor, low slope roof prices, roof installation quality, choosing the right flat roof membrane, differences between various flat roof systems, and many more.

RE: A roofers perspective of low slope / flat roof costs, life cycle costs, torch down 2difference between flat roof systems, and most importantly  roof craftsmanship.

Email Conversation:


I am presently in the middle of preparing to build a new office space with a low slope. My architect was advising the TPO material for it being more “green” and its heat reflection.

 However,in my internet search, the results and outlook for TPO roofs is still in question. I am looking towards the old standby 2 ply SBS and I writing this letter to you as you do all these products.

 Which one would last longer and what is the cost difference between the 2 products… also include PVC if you can.



Dear valued client;

Thank you for your inquiry.

We have been receiving a lot of the same sort of inquiry lately (what are the cost of flat roofs, the life cycle cost of flat or low slope roofing, and the difference between low slope or flat roof membranes).

Generally we tend to receive these types of inquiries at this time of year, this is primarily due to commercial, industrial and home owners having time to complete research as a result of the holiday season.

With saying that, I am going to post your questions about low slope roofing to our blog along with my answers (in article form) so that our conversation(s) will assist others when researching about low slope roof membranes and roofing contractors.

Your “Roof Life Cycle Cost” will be determined as follows: 90% will be a result of the roof installation quality and 10% will be determined from which low slope roof membrane is selected.

For every ten hours you put in planning for your new flat roof, nine of those ten hours should be researching and selecting the right contractor for your project. If you put in a total of 5 hours planning your flat roof project, 30 minutes should be spent considering the different flat roof membranes available and 4.5 hours should be spent researching, selecting, and communicating with your new flat roofing contractor.

The most important aspects to considering a Flat Roofing Contractors is; Roof Workmanship Quality, WCB, BBB reports, Insurance, Liability, Warranty, Guarantee, Safety programs. Although it is not necessary that the flat roofer is a member of the BBB because complaints can be lodged whether a company is a member or not.

Random consumer complaints are not that important due to the fact that anyone can rant about anything online (It is impossible to make everyone happy 100% all the time), yet complaints to the BBB should be given serious consideration as the BBB has a highly professional process required for authenticating complaints.

The workmanship guarantee is to be considered one of the greatest factors to take into consideration.  In some ways this is even more important than the roof membrane manufacturer warranty.

Alongside this there are other considerations to keep in mind such as insurance coverages for example:

A) Work Safe / WCB clearances (you are able to get one from Worksafe / WCB),

B) Commercial Liability Insurance (which should be 5,000,000.00 – some go as low as having only 2,000,000.00 insurance),

C) Roofing Contractor’s Safety Program (which ensures the workers are actually being safe while on your site including the use of hard hats, vests, harnesses, daily hazard assessments etc.)

These are all important considerations that help protect the customers. An injury to a worker can be a significant issue for a home or business owner if the roofing contractor has not followed the proper compliance procedures. Such an event like this can cause you considerable expense and aggravation.

TPO Roof Life Cycle Costs

Now in regards to your question pertaining to TPO Roofing and life cycle costs, unfortunately this is still unknown. Perhaps not scientifically, but from a flat roof installer perspective it is.

Statistically speaking, we have more data specified to PVC roofs than we do TPO. The reality is that all low slope roof membranes have similar life cycle costs. Yet when you consider them statistically or scientifically they do vary, but all in all, low slope or flat roof membranes all perform quite well.

However, coming from a “roofer’s perspective”, here is what I can tell you; An issue that we as roofers see every day on the roofs, which in truth should be your highest priority in research is the actual installation of the material itself. Numerous building and home owners alike are unaware of the actual process, procedures and potential roof failures due to improper installation of the flat roof.

Another area of concern is the other workers that will attend the roof during construction or after, such as HVAC installers for an HVAC retro-fitter.

Now with the assumption that the contractor is reliable and adheres to all the proper regulation, the reality is that things can happen when a flat roofs are being installed. No company is flawless and has a perfect flat roof installation every-time.

In the offices, we here several conversations about how things can and do go wrong, yet it is how we deal with the problem that separates us from success or failure with other roofing contractors. We see time and time again, people that do not do their proper due diligence because they assume things should just go without incident. Although this is not like buying a car. Hiring a trade is much different.

Of course on the other side of managing roofers or the installation of flat roofs is that there is the pro-active side of things that says there are things that we can do as the roofing contractors before problems arise to assist in a higher probability of a proper roof installation occurring.

Now, in our instance we have done things like institute our industry with an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee which causes our roofing staff to be more aware of the day-to-day incidents that could occur. It is our responsibility to provide superior roof craftsmanship. This has our staff in a more stringent project path for a flat roof installation quality control system. Ultimately, the craftsmanship itself is what most determines the true cost of your flat roof and not which flat roof membrane or flat roof system was chosen.

Once you get past the issue of the quality of installation for your roof and hiring the right contractor you can then consider which roof membrane to use.

Now to provide some answers specific to your questions, here are some considerations for your low slope roof membrane research;


With respect to traditional low slope roofing (SBS, TPO, PVC, EPDM, BUR) I would recommend using 2 ply SBS modified with complete confidence.

The reason is that with a single ply, you have opportunity for what we call catastrophic Failure. In other words, a hole the size of a quarter in the membrane can cause significant damage to the complete system as the water can travel. With SBS, it is torched down and the opportunity for water migration is less. Here’s one other factor to consider with SBS modified, if you have roof installer that does not install the membrane correctly, this will result in you having significant issues. The deficiency list can be considerable and cost more than replacing the roof in the first place.

Now, You didn’t ask about multi-ply low slope roofing specifically, yet I am going to take the liberty of giving you a couple of thoughts regarding those systems. You are able to get a multi-ply low slope roof like the Tough Roof System that will give you the reflective values you desire. Additionally, you will get the sense of security knowing your roof will have maintained durability. The Tough Roof is a multi-ply built up (BUR) roof system that has layers of bitumen (in this case a synthetic layer in between instead of the traditional felt mats between each layer) and on the top, Tough Roof uses white elastomeric roof coating which contributes to the reflective component.

The other option you have in these newer systems is a multi-ply liquid rubber system which is VOC free, completely environmentally friendly and you can cover it with an acrylic reflective top coat. The system is a proprietary system from General Roofing that includes 2-4 layers of liquid rubber with a synthetic fabric between layers of built up and with an optional top coat of acrylic reflective roof coating. Of all the systems you can get, this particular system is most environmentally friendly, it is bullet proof like the built up roofs, and it can be as reflective as you choose.

So ultimately your choices are; traditional 3-4 layer built up roofing (Tar and Gravel) which is 3-4 layers of tar with tar felt paper in between, then the 2 ply modified bitumen which is torched down, the single ply roofing (EPDM, TPO, PVC) which is mechanically fastened, fully adhered, or ballasted, and then the newer type of built up roof like the Tough Roof which is 3-4 ply of tar with synthetic fabric between the layers with an elastomeric top coat for reflectivity and the newer built up liquid rubber systems from GRS that are 2-4 layers of built up liquid rubber with a synthetic fabric between the layers with the option of a reflective top coat of acrylic elastomeric roof coating.

From least expensive to most expensive the roof membrane systems typically go from least expensive to most costly as follows; Spray Foam, EPDM, TPO, PVC, 2 Ply, GRS Liquid Rubber BUR, Traditional BUR, Tough Roof. However, it is important to note when considering the cost of a flat roof or a low slope roof system two things. First, the cost difference between flat roof systems as you go from one to the next is small in comparison to expected life cycle cost planning. For example, EPDM roofing is moderately more costly than Spray Foam, and PVC moderately more cost than TPO and on and on as you go through each system. Yet the important consideration is the cost of the roof over a period of time. A properly installed Tar and Gravel roof or properly installed 2 Ply SBS Torch on Roof will likely last much longer than EPDM, TPO, or even PVC – “likely” has a number of considerations…. weather, application, service workers on the roof, etc. And a Liquid Rubber Built Up Roof and the Tough Roof built up systems have almost unlimited life cycle as they both come with maintenance agreements to renew the top reflective layer of elastomeric coating.

I hope this has helped answer your questions, please feel free to contact us any time should you require more information or would like to ask us more questions.

Until next time

The staff at GRS


General Roofing Systems Canada (GRS)
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High Winds in Southern Alberta Cause Severe Roof Damage

General Roofing Systems Canada provides emergency roof repairs  throughout Canada. Emergency Roof Repairs are completed in the following cities: Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Regina, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Canmore, Banff, Cranbrook, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler, Winnipeg, Toronto and points between. British Columbia. Alberta. Saskatchewan. Manitoba. Ontario.

Today in Calgary, Alberta , wind storms created havoc for all commercial and residential owners. The high winds caused shingles to be blown of rooftops and even entire commercial roofs to be blown completely away. GRS has received several reports of skylights and shingles being torn completely off and thrown into traffic. As a result of the vast amounts of damage surrounding the Calgary area, the GRS crews are at capacity.

Video clip: http://www.ctvnews.ca/strong-winds-down-trees-fuel-fires-in-southern-alberta-1.732137

News report: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/story/2011/11/27/calgary-strong-winds-damage.html

Weather Warnings

As of Sunday November 27, 2011 at 18:30, severe weather warnings for high winds are still in effect for the following areas:

Airdrie, Bow Island, Bow Valley (Provincial Park), Brooks, Calgary, Crowsnest Calgary (Olympic Park), Canmore, Cardston, Claresholm, Cochrane, Drumheller High River Kananaskis (Nakiska Ridgetop) Lethbridge Medicine Hat Milk River Okotoks Onefour Pincher Creek Stavely Strathmore Suffield Sundre Taber Three Hills Vauxhall Waterton Park Willow Creek (Provincial Park).

High Winds Cause Havoc to Roofs and buildings

Industrial Roofing, Sparwood, BC
Emergency repair crews

Downtown Calgary and surrounding areas have had buildings glass shatter causing Calgary Firefighters to scramble in attempt to clear all debris to prevent any injuries happening to citizens.

The amount of damage that this wind storm has caused is impressive. Normally with wind storms the damage is isolated to one city and area, yet this particular storm is spreading its wrath to all of Southern Alberta. The damage that is causing is not isolated to only knocking down trees and power line. We have been receiving various types of reports of damage being caused.

In Airdrie we received reports of a church losing its siding, while in Fort Macleod, a gas station had its entire roof blown away. In Beiseker, grain silos and commercial roofs were being blown completely away.

The same variety of damage has been reported all the way to Lethbridge and surrounding areas. Grass fires have even began to occur due to the intense wind.

At the top of the Calgary Bow tower, the winds were recorded to be at a dangerous 140 km per hour, whereas in other parts of Southern Alberta is has been reported the wind gust are even stronger in areas such as Nanton and its surrounding municipalities.

The 911 call centers have been over loaded with calls relating to roof damage. As a result of this Calgary has engaged the Municipal Emergency Plan.

Steps for Fixing Damaged Roofs When high winds blow shingles, tile, and metal or damage your skylights:

1. Emergency Roof Repair Services. Call a roofing company and get on their emergency service list. In our case, we are asking emergency call ins to continue calling other Calgary Roofing Companies to be sure the soonest available emergency crews can come and assess the damage. At GRS, we are keeping a running list of home-owners and businesses that require emergency roof repair service and we are dealing with the repairs on a first call – first serve basis.

2. In extreme high winds, such as those in Calgary today, for your safety we advise you to stay away from windows and stay indoors. Due to the winds blowing off various forms of sidings, tiles, shingles skylights etc., it is unsafe to be outside with this vast amount of debris being blown around.

3. Roof Insurance: Be sure the roofing company selected to attend the repair of your shingles, commercial roof, metal flashing, or skylight keeps excellent record. You will need accurate photos before and after the roofing repairs. Make sure to ask the emergency roofers to provide you with copies of photos for your roof insurance company. Also, ask the roofing company to quote you for a complete replacement and have photos documenting all damage to your roof or skylights. After the immediate roof repairs are done, you can then address your possible roof insurance claim properly. Commercial properties are more apt to engage their Commercial Insurance Adjusters right at step one.

4. Choosing a Roofing Company: Be sure the roofing company you choose to do the roof repair work has a City Business License, have provincially incorporated roofers, Better Business Bureau registered and able to provide written receipts. Ensure that they take photos of work done for your roof insurance companies records. A quick check of complaints registered at the Better Business Bureau on line can help determine if the company is reliable. If it is a commercial or industrial roof repair, be sure the emergency roofers are qualified specific to the commercial roof system type.

5. After the emergency roof repairs are done, you have will have photos of the roof damage, and will now be dealing with your roof insurance company. Remember that insurance companies will refer you or want you to deal with specific roofers. However, in many instances, you have a choice as to which roofing company actually does the work. High Wind Shingles (Wind Resistant Shingles) Shingle manufacturers do make shingles rated for high winds.

Until next time

The Staff at GRS

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Product Review: Malarkey Shingles

Malarkey Shingles are one of the top rated shingles on the market and tend to be a favorite for our roof installers for projects requiring replacements/ re-roofing. The malarkey shingle line up is considered to be one of the “best bought” as they are the most predictable shingles available for the 2011 roofing season.

Roof Conversions – Shake Roof Replacement

Shake roof replacement / re roofing decisions can be more complicated than shingle to shingle re roof decisions. For shake to shingle conversions of either Cedar shakes or Pine Shakes, the Malarkey Legacy shingle is one of the many options available. Although they are not as thick and they do not have the same shingle texture and profile that other shake to shingle replacement options offer, Such as Shingles from companies like Certainteed, IKO, and GAF.  The Malarkey Legacy shingle is an excellent SBS laminate shingle that demonstrates well in its category of shingle.

Malarkey Shingles

Malarkey Roofing Main Web Site: www.malarkeyroofing.com

Malarkey XL Review

The Malarkey Northwest XL Shingle is a respectable Asphalt Laminate Shingle. It is a 3M Scotchgard Algae Resistant Shingle. LOW SLOPE ROOFING – The Northwest specifications state that it can be installed onto slopes as low as 2:12 if you follow Malarkey underlay specifications for low slope roofing (pending upon your local building codes). The Malarkey Northwest is also a heavy shingle – a 4  bundle shingle that has a high tensile strength. Also, the Malarkey Northwest has the “Zone” technology that really assists with the application as the nailing zone is much larger than other conventional shingles. All in all, GRS installers recommend the Northwest Malarkey shingle when a strong, asphalt, laminate shingle is wanted.


Malarkey Legacy Review

Our overall review of the Malarkey SBS Rubber-Modified Asphalt Laminate Shingle states that it is often preferred by our installers. The SBS Modified Shingle component is an excellent selling feature of this shingle, not to mention the Zone nailing technology and the performance of the Malarkey Legacy.

The Malarkey Legacy shingle also has the 3M Scotchgard Algae Resistance and Malarkey allows Low Slope Roof installation to 2:12 as long as the Malarkey Shingle Installation Specification is followed.

Malarkey Highlander Review

The Highlander series are a asphalt laminate shingle which are considered by Malarkey as their “economical shingle”.  The cost savings of this shingle are the primary reason to not choose the Malarkey Legacy. It is important to note that the Malarkey Legacy is not an expensive shingle – but the Highlander shingle from Malarkey is most definitely a great cost effective choice if cost is the determining factor. The Malarkey Highlander would compete with shingles such as the IKO Cambridge laminate and the BP Harmony laminate shingle.

Malarkey ECOASIS Shingle Reviews – ECOASIS Premium AB Shingle (SBS Modified Shingle) and Malarkey ECOASIS Shingle (Asphalt Shingle):
Due to having never installed the Malarkey Solar Reflective shingle offerings named ECOASIS and ECOASIS Premium, due to the market being primarily based in the US, we are unable to provide an accurate and honest review. However,  GRS has great confidence in Malarkey shingles so we are very confident the ECOASIS shingle series is excellent.
Malarkey 3 Tab Shingle Reviews
In regards to reviewing the Malarkey 3 Tab Shingle offerings, there are not many comments to be mentioned as all the 3 tab products are of excellent quality with no conflicting qualities. We have not had many experiences with the Dura-Seal Malarkey (Fiberglass mat with Asphalt Shingle), yet we can say for certain that the Hurricane SBS Modified 3 Tab and the Malarkey Alaskan SBS Modified 3 Tab shingles are excellent choices.


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IKO Shingles

IKO Crowne Slate Shingle Reviews

General Roofing Systems Canada installs IKO Shingles through-out Western Canada. IKO Shingles in Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Regina, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Canmore, Banff, Cranbrook, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler, and points between.

IKO Crowne Slate Shingles Score Big with Consumer Report Reviews
IKO Crowne Slate Shingle has one of the Top 5 – Best Rated  reviews on the Market for 2011

IKO Shingles - Crowne Slate Shingle Reviews
IKO Shingles

IKO Crowne Slate, Owens Corning Berkshire, and the Certainteed Grand Manor all rate in Top 5 in the Consumer Reports annual  reviews. The products that provide the most competition for the IKO Crowne Slate Shingle are: the GAF Grand Slate, the Certainteed Centennial Slate shingle, Certainteed Grand Manor, IKO Royal Estate and in some aspects the Owens Corning Berkshire shingle.

If you can get away from the classic estate look or the 3 tab classic estate look, we would recommend the Malarkey Legacy SBS Modified Shingle. however, in regards to the classic estate shingle reviews, here’s what we’ve discovered this year from the installers in the field  along with what the Consumers Reports has to say.

Roofer’s Review of IKO Shingles

The new IKO Royal Estate is an excellent shingle and consistently receives positive reviews from our installers.

The GAF Grand Slate , Certainteed Centennial Slate and the Owens Corning Berkshire shingle are all exceptional shingles. Yet what stands out this year in reviews from the installers is clearly the IKO Royal Estate Shingle and the IKO Crown Slate Shingle.

Hands down these two shingles are being reviewed by our  replacement installers as the best shingles available for 2011 (classic style or estate profile shingles). This is also agreed upon by Consumer Reports. Our installers most specifically like the no hassle 15 year front end warranty on the IKO Shingles and the SBS Modified Component of shingle such as the IKO Crowne Slate. The GAF Grand Slate is asphalt (a respectable shingle), but not an SBS Modified Shingle like the Crowne Slate or Grandeur Shingle from IKO.

Consumers Reports Rates / Reviews Shingles

The latest available Consumers report has the following reviews available for shingles:

The Certainteed Grand Manor Shingle, Owens Corning Berkshire Shingle, and the IKO Crowne Slate Shingle all rate in the top 5 Shingles Reviewed with  review ratings of 87, 87, 86 respectively.

In the opinion of our shinglers installing the new IKO Royal Estate shingle, they feel  the Royal Estate shingle would receive a high rating as well, yet it was not included in the reviews.

Also missing from the reviews were the Malarkey Legacy shingles. This particular shingle is also a favorite amongst our installers.

So when considering the classic look shingle this year, give the SBS Modified IKO Crowne Slate a look (which is a bold looking shingle) or the IKO Royal Estate shingle, and if you would like to stray away from the classic look, take a look at the Malarkey Legacy SBS Modified shingle.

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Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lloydminster, Canmore, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Vancouver, Whistler, Cranbrook, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto and all points between. British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario.